Monday, February 28, 2005

february month of softies

Vintage pillowcase, wool felt. Well, I made this pigeon a while ago for Loobylu's month of softies. The theme is Alice in Wonderland. I thought I'd try the less popularized character of the pigeon who accuses Alice of being a serpent.

She's "hasn't had a wink of sleep in three weeks" protecting her eggs. I could relate. She's meant to have some eggs, but I didn't make any in time. Honestly, I was never really pleased with her and intended to make something else entirely, but didn't make the deadline!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

project lazea-way

I've been under the weather this week and have been moving around at tortoise speed, not accomplishing much. My crafty evening hours have been taken over by Project Runway. I don't have cable, but a friend knew this was up my alley and taped the marathon over the weekend. We've watched an average of three episodes a night every night this week. We? Yeah. It's Jack slyly suggesting "how about just one more?" every night. (Not that I need much inducement...after all, I did watch the entire Brideshead Revisited miniseries (11 hours) in one day when I was in junior high.)

The only thing I accomplished during my time on the couch cringing at Wendy and enjoying Jay was to embroider a bit on the felt slipcover I made for our TV (to keep me from watching TV, ha, ha!).

I still haven't seen the finale (or the last episode preceding it), but it would be impossible for me to move about in my blogosphere and not know. I won't comment though as I know Jack would prefer to remain in the dark!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

plates du jour

When will I learn to stop making promises (about posting) that I can not keep?

Some inspiration for your table:

Dishwasher Safe at the ever-cool wurst gallery (check out vintage vandals too).

And continuing the spirit of vintage redux are these wonderful plates by Sarah Cihat.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

robot hat

If Miles agreed to take it off, I would get a better picture. Recycled wool sweater, wool felt, vintage buttons (which I found thrifting and they just screamed "robot eyes!").

Friday, February 18, 2005


I am working on some stuffeds based on Mia's drawings, and, man, it's hard! It's so different than what I usually do which is to create as I go. Mia and I are both excited as these projects take shape and her imaginings become three dimensional. She has created a wealth of characters for my inspiration...let's hope I can find the discipline to finish a few.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

confessions of a dilettante

Well, I missed the deadline for the Schmancy plush show. I've spent way too much time this week enjoying my new computer and looking at the amazing things everyone else is doing. It's really time for me to get disciplined and organized and start creating. I am going to try to start posting everyday as an incentive (how embarrassing will it be tomorrow when I still have nothing to show you?) First up is to get organized which is no small feat in this household. Off I go!

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Last night was "date night" (parents take turns hosting kids, other couples get a night out). Jack and I celebrated Valentine's with a visit to motel gallery, followed by sushi, followed by an attempt to get dessert at Pix Patisserie (too crowded), followed by crepes at Chez Machin, whew! (we also fit in a trip to Office Depot for a new mouse).

motel was having the amorously group show which was very sweet! There were works by my sister's friend Jill Bliss:

as well as some of my other favorite artists like Caroline Hwang (it was great to investigate her work up close):

and the lovely and delicate illustrations of Jen Corace:

Jack picked out this wee handpainted necklace by Jen for me. I LOVE it!

Saturday, February 12, 2005


I went to an amazing estate sale today. Holy packrat! Ceramics, textiles, owls and birds galore...I wished my sister was with me. However, if Lisa was there she surely would have walked away with this:

I think it is the same artist as the inspiration for her wonderful birds. I can not part with it though! It's going in our polka-dot bedroom!

It was an overwhelming sale, so I just concentrated on the fabric and came home with a grocery bag full of great vintage stuff.

gocco valentines

No close-ups so as not to spoil it for those of you getting these in the mail. The kids and I made valentines with the gocco today and it went swimmingly. I designed Miles' and Mia drew her own. So much easier than my first gocco attempt which involved the fabric stamp and me screaming "ARGGGHHH!" a lot.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

finger knittin' good

Mia finally showed an interest in knitting, so she learned finger knitting today. She mastered that pretty quickly, and we moved on to needles. She almost had it. I think we'll take a step back and try the spool knitter my mom gave her.

Monday, February 07, 2005

A: a snake scarf!

I needed something to knit while I sat around with sick kids last week and I remembered this scarf at Morehouse Farm. Miles is one of the rare breed of three-year-olds who LOVES to wear scarves and hats, and I just happened to have bright green (what else was I going to use it for?) and blue wool in my Goodwill-acquired stash. I cast on a couple of stitches, increased and decreased until I had my snake shape, and seamed it up the back. It showcases my totally wonky stockinette stitch.

ready and hable

I have been a big fan of hable construction for a while and am so excited to see that they have some new (to me) stuff.

hable construction is the partnership of two sisters which makes them all the more appealing as it is my dream to be partners in craft with my sister one day.

And speaking of family, come see Mia's beautiful quilt made by my mom.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Q: what is it?

Thursday, February 03, 2005

baby bird chopsticks

I love shopping with Mia because she always manages to find little cool things that I might miss on my own, like these Japanese kid's chopsticks with tiny baby birds on top (found at New Seasons). Too cute!

We've had a busy week, but I still managed to fit in some crafting. Some pictures of completed projects coming soon!