Thursday, April 21, 2005

no happy books for me

Ever since Angry Chicken posted about her great book finds at the Uwajimaya Japanese super-store in the suburbs of Portland, I have been determined to go check it out. It should be known that while I have lived in Portland for nearly 6 years, I have stuck to the metro area. My attempts at finding things in the suburbs often end in tears. There is something about strip malls and car dealerships that sends me into panic mode.

Mapquest in hand, I set out this lost, found my way again, and arrived at Uwajimaya. Oh, all the cuteness! Japanese kitchen supplies and housewares, beautiful stationery, office supplies, all my favorite stuff. There were, however, no craft books of interest to me (Amy did say it was hit and miss). I did some grocery shopping and picked up some great stuff for packing my kids' lunches like little fish and pig-shaped containers that we'll use to hold soy sauce.

and porcelain spoons for noodle-eatin'.